Jeff Olyniec

Partner & CA Leader

Jeff is a General Partner at Moneta Ventures. Since 1996, Jeff has assumed various management roles within the sports industry and spent some time abroad as an aspiring touring golf pro. His experience extends beyond sports-related ventures to span multiple sectors within manufacturing. Jeff has founded several companies and has served in many leadership positions at the executive and board levels. For the past 11 years, Jeff served as the co-founder and CEO of a global electronics manufacturing company. Under his leadership, the company was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2017 and achieved approximately $400 million in annual revenue in 2023. He has worked closely with the Moneta team for several years while serving as Chairman of Moneta portfolio company, Reviver. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Mississippi State University and is fluent in Chinese. His home base is Nashville, Tennessee and he also spends significant time in the Sacramento startup ecosystem.



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