The SBIC Program

Why banks may want to consider investing in an SBIC fund.

What is the SBIC Program?

The SBIC (Small Business Investment Company) program has been helping small businesses around the country access the capital they need to grow for more than 60 years. By providing capital, SBIC funds help stimulate job creation, innovation, and economic growth.  While most SBIC funds are traditional debt investors, a handful are VC firms and represent a unique opportunity for community banks to gain exposure to venture capital.

The Benefits of SBIC Investing

Generate attractive risk-adjusted returns

Venture capital provides exposure to an array of carefully vetted high-growth tech companies, potentially providing significant alpha to your portfolio.

Cultivate new business opportunities

Our portfolio companies often look to us for advice on who to approach for a variety of banking needs.

Invest with confidence

Only a handful of VCs have been approved as an SBIC fund by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Earn CRA credits

Bank investments into SBIC funds qualify as economic development and are eligible for Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credits.

What Moneta's Investors Are Saying

Steve Fleming

President and CEO, River City Bank

“In addition to the strong financial returns SBIC funds provide for our bank, it’s the relationship with the fund’s investment team that we truly value. That’s particularly the case for asset classes like venture capital and private equity that we typically don’t have access to because it broadens our team’s knowledge around new and evolving sectors beyond the realm of our existing clientele. That, in turn, allows us to develop a stronger and more holistic underwriting process to better serve these local venture-backed businesses.”

Peter Wiese

EVP and CFO, Tri Counties Bank

“When evaluating an investment, Tri Counties Bank performs a detailed financial and underwriting analysis which incorporates the credibility that the SBIC certification process provides. We know that the SBA has heavily scrutinized the fund’s track record and managers as a part of the certification process.  In addition, this underwriting process includes a deep dive on the past performance and credibility of the management team.”

James Beckwith

President and CEO, Five Star Bank

“As a regional bank, Five Star Bank believes in investing in an SBIC fund. SBICs that invest in venture-backed companies give us exposure to these businesses as they explore            alternative financial products, such as venture debt, which further diversifies our investment strategy.”

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